TSF-The Stone Fabricator & The 4th Industrial Revolution

TSF – The Stone Fabricator has evolved to Industry 4.0 . Our factory is in the process of interconnecting it’s cyber-physical systems, according to the concepts of the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0) enabling a complete Digital CNC SMART Factory. Working is easier and safer for our operators and staff, allowing the machines and systems to inter-cooperate with each other. This gives us more time to focus on our clients & their needs, while improving our cost benefit to value added relationship.

Process, Technology and Equipment.

At TSF – The Stone Fabricator, we see the importance of having the proper equipment and technology to exceed our customer’s projects requirements and expectations. We have implemented an advanced software solution in combination with sophisticated fabrication equipment in order to achieve a high level of production through automation, while maintaining the highest level of quality.

Indoor Slab Inventory

OPTIONS for all customer requirements:

Typically our partners send their customers to choose samples of quartz, or a stone slab in our indoor heated slab showroom, or from one of the local distributors. We also import containers of stone slabs regularly, to satisfy the needs of our customers, who constantly demand novelty.

Inventory Management Bretron Digital Photo Station

OPTIONS for ALL customer requirements:

We have a digital library with photos of all slabs we have in inventory, as well as all remnants which can be used for vanity tops or small pieces. All pieces are uniquely identified via a barcode system which links pieces to the internal databse and XpressTop software.

SMART suite for top fabrication

co-engineered by Breton and Dietrich

The most advanced modular solution for managing the countertop fabrication cycle and increasing productivity while keeping a high quality standard of the product. Process managed include:

• Inventory
• Quoting
• Measurements
• Fabrication
• Scheduling
• Installation and Service Calls
• Task Distribution
• Predictive Resource Planning

Digital Templates

Options for all customer requirements:

With our Prodim Proliner 7 and our Laser Products LT 2D 3D, we have the capability to measure digitally straight, curved and very complex shapes accurately and in an instant.
From the site, the digital drawing can be sent by email to feed our CNC-machines, to achieve your project’s design with the highest level of precision, speed and quality the market has to offer.

Breton Digital CNC Saw

CNC Worthy Optima

The Worthy NC600 is a digital monobloc cutting centre with a 4 axes twist head, specially engineered to perform multiple machining and cutting operations:

• Slab Cutting, Shaping and Pocketing
• Inscription engraving
• Drilling

Two Breton Digital CNC Routers


Breton NC260 CNC Routers work stone fast, and precisely thanks to it’s digital CNC technology. It is used for:

• Polishing Countertop Edgesbr
• Cutting Elaborate Sink Designs
• Digital Slab Shaping
• High Efficiency Production
All while complying with the CE industrial accident prevention standards.

Fully Programmable Saw

The YUKON II, built with a heavy-duty rigid torsion bridge design, offers extremely accurate and consistent stone sawing. It utilizes a laser positioning system for operators to confidently cut part accurately. Its Siemens Diagnostics Control Screen allows slabs to be cut and processed quickly with accuracy and reliability.

Fully Programmable Line Polisher

At TSF, The FASTBACK® II will edge, polish and chamfer backsplash as well as countertops in one single pass. It is able to get exceptional, quality edges at a rate up to 150 lineal feet per hour, This proven workhorse of the stone countertop fabrication industry has been revamped at TSF to achieve our clients productivity and quality needs

Environmentally Friendly Water Filtering and Recycling System

Provides Clear & Gray recycled water to all our machinery and equipment. TSF’s water filtration system delivers Crystal Clear recycled water at less than 2 microns. Our shop uses 100% closed loop water recycling system. This incredible system recycles up to 416 liters of water per minute in a closed loop system.

Dual Bridge Overhead Crane for Handling cut pieces with Safety as Top Priority

This modular crane system allows pieces to be moved from one part of our production cycle to the other effortlessly. This minimizes the potential for piece breakage and saves our staff from manual lifting at the fabrication center.

5 Ton Overhead Crane for Safe Handling of Full Slabs in our Indoor Showroom

The backbone of our inventory handling infrastructure, this crane is capable of unloading containers of slabs into our indoor warehouse. It is used to move slabs for display purposes and when the time comes to position them in our fabrication center.

Indoor Dual Loading Bay with Dock Levellers

Provides our team with a safe, heated environment to load all pieces, materials and tools required to complete the job. Glues and resigns used during the installation process stored in trucks are kept free from freezing temperatures in the winter, allowing the installation of our products to occur with the upmost quality and durability.

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