If you’re looking to make a statement this is the perfect natural stone for you. This white quartz has beautiful grey veining pattern with a white undertone, and can bring the Carrara mountains to your project to make an impact second to none


Subtle dark grey patterns merge with a heavenly white base to give an air of simplicity and beauty while still making a power statement of elegance and refinement.


A perfect choice for all those looking for style and beauty in the sobriety of natural marble beauty. Its exotic grey lines blended with a grayish white undertone design becomes a prolongation of the worktop, and it is ideal for giving continuity and beauty to the kitchen and bathroom.


Designed to impress and awe with its extraordinary whiteness, with slight greyish hues, and with a very fine grain, Carrara Sorento evokes imperial Rome and the Renaissance blended with a contemporary touch.


This next generation ‘modern granite looking quartz’ with mid to dark grey veins and white features within its unique pattern movement. Brings an allure of the mighty ocean on a crisp cool November day to any project.


This gorgeous beige quartz countertop material possesses a rich texture of creamy light color, tinted with a gentle touch of taupe shade. The texture of Ocean Cream Quartz stone is embellished with swirls and movements in lighter and darker tones resembling its name Ocean Cream.

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