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Our Process

TSF – The Stone Fabricator is a Business to Business (B2B) fabrication center.

Are you in any of the following categories: interior designer, architect, decorator, kitchen and bathroom cabinet manufacturer & renovator, builder, contractor, representing a retail outlet, etc ?

  1. If yes, we can proceed.
  2. If not, you need to talk to one of those professionals and ask them to refer you to our showroom to choose your material and to our fabrication center for fabrication. We can give you some information for orientation purposes. We only work with a selected group of companies who share our principles and our values.

1. Stone Selection

Clients select stone samples at our partners’ location or within our showroom.

2. Digital Quoting System

We strive to provide our business partner with quotes within 24-48 hours of receiving a request. We use a computerized quoting system, to provide consistency in quoting.

Please submit a drawing with measurements/cabinet layout so that we may provide you with an estimate. The more information you give us the better. Please also include:

  • Your site address.
  • Under mount or top mount sinks
  • Cooktop or slide in/standard range
  • Granite or edge profile that you would like to use

2a. Quote Approval

3. Slab Selection

We have the largest indoor selection of granite and quartz countertop slabs in the Ottawa area. We encourage our customers work to hand in hand with their contractor/retailer/professional to pick their slabs, at which point they are labelled and reserved for templating.

We encourage customers and business partners to visit our showroom to view our extensive selection of natural stones, and to visit our fabrication facility. Let us show you why we are the best at what we do!

4. Estimate Approval/ Deposit

Once you have selected your material, we will communicate with your contractor/retailer/professional and they will generate a finalized quote for you.

5. Schedule Template

Once we have received the approval and deposit from your contractor/retailer/professional, we will schedule a template for your job and will give you a pre-template checklist.

6. Perform Template

One of the most critical stages in countertop production:

Only our most experienced staff are allowed to template using a combination of solid plastic sheets and the latest digital templating equipment. This allows us to scribe all walls and provide a near-perfect fitting countertop.

Our templater will come to your home or commercial space to template your job. For a job to go smoothly, it is important for the customer/business partner to be present during the template process, and to have all of the sinks, taps and appliances on site at that time. This allows us to customize the job and to give you, the customer/business partner, what you really want. If any measurements etc. have changed materially from the original estimate, we will issue a re-estimate/change order for approval.

In the case of a renovation, please note that the countertops must be removed prior to the template.

7. Layout Approval

We encourage our customers to join us in the shop when we lay out their templates on the slabs. This way they truly are hands on in custom designing their kitchens, pattern and seam placement.

We offer our clients the choice of visiting our facility in order to preview the layout on your selected slabs of granite or quartz, and to discuss grain direction and possible seam options, where required. This is one of our extra steps to ensure you receive an extraordinary finished product.

Please inform your templater if you wish to customize your layout.

8. Fabrication

TSF is one of the largest granite/quartz fabrication facilities in the Ottawa area. We also have the largest indoor granite/quartz slab showroom. We provide consistent quality and utilize the best machinery available in the world to give you digitally produced seams, edges, radius work and sink cut outs. Beyond this we employ stone artisans to hand polish those edges, to complete the job.

9. Installation

Templating Preparation
If you, the customer and/or business partner, are supplying sinks, cooktops, and faucets, they must be onsite when we arrive to template, or sent to our shop from the supplier. We will take them back with us to our shop for counterop fabrication. They will be brought back to your house or commercial space by your installation crew, along with your finished countertops. We cannot begin processing an order until we have these items at our shop. Please keep in mind that your countertops are 1-1/4″ thick when ordering your faucet(s).

All cabinets must be completely installed, in their final position, be clean, and levelled (WITHIN 1/8″ OVER 8′ SPAN). Supports required for overhanging countertops must be installed. Please note that all temporary countertops MUST BE removed for proper templating. Please ensure that there is lighting available as well.

If you are using an under-mount sink, please check to ensure that there is enough room for it to fit within your sink-base cabinet.

If you are replacing your countertops, the old countertops must be completely removed, including any plywood underlay (unless instructed otherwise). The cabinet tops must be cleaned of all glue / mud, must be sturdy enough to support the granite, and be level as noted above. Sinks and cook-tops must also be removed.

10. Installation Preparation

Appliances on or near the countertops, such as sinks, refrigerators, stoves, and dishwashers must be moved out of the way to facilitate installation, and to avoid damage to the appliances. Be careful moving the appliances on the floor — some appliances may scratch or damage a floor when slide across it.

Our installers do not disconnect, reconnect, or install appliances, plumbing fixtures, electrical outlets and wiring, or gas plumbing and connections. Please ensure that electrical power is available for the install.

All base cabinets should be completely empty and ready for the installation.