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Edge Polishing

The Stone Fabricator has the latest equipment for routing, cutting and shaping granite and quartz slabs. We can finish edges at a rate of up to 30 inches/min.


fastbackIn just one hour and in a single pass, the Fastback® flat edge shaper and polisher produces what it would take someone 10 hours to do by hand. The Fastback® Edge Polisher creates finished edges at a rate of 30+ inches per minute. That’s over 150 linear feet per hour!

The Fastback® is ideal for backsplash, countertops, and islands up to 6 cm thick and 12 feet long. Park’s exclusive spindle oscillation design produces exceptional edge quality without marring, scratches, or swirls, end-to-end. You can even customize pressure settings for each polishing head to optimize tool life and edge quality.

The easy-to-use touch-screen controls make operation simple. And the programmable tool stagger produces a superior polish throughout the entire length of the stone every time.

Features & Benefits

With load-and-go automation, FASTBACK® does all the work in a single pass.

  • Production: 30″+ per minute single pass performance
  • Straight flat edge from 1 cm to 6 cm thick material
  • 45 degree chamfer top and bottom edge corners (removes chips from sawing)
  • Piece length: 16″ to 12′
  • Piece height: 3″ to 30″ (taller stones possible with operator assistance)

TITAN® CNC ROUTER (phase 1 of the expansion)

titanThe TITAN® CNC Router lets you cut, route, shape and polish stone while delivering lower costs and maximum uptime. With fast machine movements you’ll get more work done faster.

Rugged, durable, and able to tackle the hardest jobs.

Park’s unique ArmorDeck™ work surface provides superior holding power. In fact, it has 30% better holding power than aluminum surfaces and will never corrode or dent, saving you even more money and increasing up-time.

Features & Benefits

The TITAN® is the industry-leading finishing router:

  • Layout and stone image capture capability
  • Laser positioning to easily locate the vacuum cups and parts in place
  • Quad Drive System delivers perfectly polished parts
  • Easy to use “conversational” iTECH touch-screen programming

Please visit our 9,000 sq ft. showroom with the largest indoor inventory of granite/quartz slabs in the region. We also welcome you to visit our state of the art 18,000 sq ft. manufacturing and fabrication facility. Through our professionals and retail partners, we provide high-quality risk-free installation service with a 10 day turnaround from selection and templating to the final reveal. Please contact us at (613) 225-1117 or email us at info@thestonefabricator.com.

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