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The Stone Fabricator uses two pieces of equipment for cutting the granite. We can process a single granite/quartz slab in as little as 20 minutes.

FUSION® CNC SAW/WATERJET (phase 2 of the expansion)

fusionHigh-speed CNC saw meets precision waterjet for maximum productivity.

Material handling continues to be a struggle with many fabricators. The NEW FUSION® S series has a tilt table option which will reduce your material handling contraints, decrease slab breakage, and make the tank much easier to clean than other traditional cnc saw/waterjets.

Cutting Stone Slabs and Production Time with the Same Machine.

The FUSION® maximizes cutting time by using a CNC saw for straight cuts, then switches to a precision waterjet for tight angles. This powerful sawing station saws 3 times faster than conventional bridge saws, reducing your costs and increasing your capacity and productivity. Plus, Park’s iTECH interface technology simplifies operations, eliminating the need to remember codes for programming.

Processing a Single Slab in Just 20 Minutes.

The Stone Fabricator has increased output when it just takes 20 minutes to process a slab. At the push of a button, the FUSION® does the work of 3 machines in the same amount of time.

Improve Efficiency and Quality From Every Angle.

It’s not just quick. It’s incredibly accurate. The automatic 0 to 47-degrees mitering capabilities give you the power to produce mitered apron edges in a matter of minutes. Each FUSION® CNC saw has CNC Servo mitering capabilities.

Features & Benefits

The Saw/Waterjet of Choice:

  • Tilt table option reduces material handling constraints
  • iTEC interface technology simplifies operations – touch screen operations
  • HyPrecision Waterjet system – the industry EXPERT
  • Unique “Quad Guard” System Protects drive components
  • Machine Performance Sensors (stone height and garnet flow) prevent costly operator mistakes
  • Low Tank Height for Easy Table Access



yukonOperator-friendly for greater accuracy and better productivity.

A single cut go-to feature quickly advances to the next cut location with extreme accuracy, taking length and thickness into account. Bridge miter capabilities create accurate and clean miter cuts up to 47 degrees.

The intuitive controls are simple to operate and allow you to program an entire slab and give your operator complete control to make quick, quality cuts on the hardest stone. Or optimize cutting speeds with our manual amp control cutting speeds. The YUKON® gives you the power to create precise and fast cuts without complicated controls.

Managing material is easy on the YUKON®. The YUKON® table has pre-determined stop locations. It also allows stop and lock at any angle with pneumatic positioning and brakes, giving your operator complete control of the stone.

Features & Benefits

  • Capacity for 16” – 28” diamond blades
  • Maximum sawing depth of 9 ¼”
  • Diagnostic screens make the YUKON even more user-friendly
  • Heavy duty, rotating table for easy stone positioning

Please visit our 9,000 sq ft. showroom with the largest indoor inventory of granite/quartz slabs in the region. We also welcome you to visit our state of the art 18,000 sq ft. manufacturing and fabrication facility. Through our professionals and retail partners, we provide high-quality risk-free installation service with a 10 day turnaround from selection and templating to the final reveal. Please contact us at (613) 225-1117 or email us at info@thestonefabricator.com.

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