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Our Equipment

The Stone Fabricator is committed to servicing our business partners: designers; architects; decorators; kitchen cabinet manufacturers and renovators; contractors; builders; renovators and retail outlets within the Ottawa, Ontario region. Towards this end we have acquired the latest and most sophisticated stone fabrication equipment available today. This helps to increase our efficiency and our speed while decreasing mistakes, human error and cost. We are also proud to be committed to an eco-friendly and environmentally sound plan for our facility, a value that can be utilized by our business partners.


e4FUSION® CNC SAW/WATERJET ( phase 2 of the expansion)

High-speed CNC saw meets precision waterjet for maximum productivity.

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A single cut go-to feature quickly advances to the next cut location with extreme accuracy, taking length and thickness into account. Bridge miter capabilities create accurate and clean miter cuts up to 47 degrees.

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Edge Polishing


In just one hour and in a single pass, the Fastback® flat edge shaper and polisher produces what it would take someone 10 hours to do by hand.

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e2TITAN® CNC ROUTER (phase 1 of the expansion)

This lets you cut, route, shape and polish stone while delivering lower costs and maximum uptime. With fast machine movements you’ll get more work done faster.

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Water Clarification


e6The Stone Fabricator believes in being GREEN and Eco-friendly. Since TSF uses high volumes of water, it’s important that we  recycle the  water to facilitate cutting, grinding, polishing, cooling of tools and preventing airborne particles

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e7For the measurement portion of the fabrication process, The Stone Fabricator uses a piece of equipment called the Proliner. The Proliner is the world’s leading digitizer in 2D & 3D measurements!

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Please visit our 9,000 sq ft. showroom with the largest indoor inventory of granite/quartz slabs in Ottawa. We also welcome you to visit our state of the art 18,000 sq ft. manufacturing and fabrication facility. Through our professionals and retail partners, we provide high-quality risk-free installation service with a 10 day turnaround from selection and templating to the final reveal. Please contact us at (613) 225-1117 or email us at info@thestonefabricator.com.

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